Dear Sun Spots: I am writing to you hoping you can help me and I’m sure countless others with the problem of the outrageous volume of television ads that we all have to put up with today. Why are the advertisers allowed to present their ads at the volume they do? I get my programs at just the right volume and then have the ads come blasting out and have to shut the sound down or off.

I do not buy the products being advertised for that reason and I probably sound like an old biddy and I probably am one, but TV is my one form of entertainment and I don’t like it messed up by the advertisers. Can you find out who is responsible for this or who to contact to get it controlled? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots found the following information on the Web site for the Federal Communications Commission. They explain that whether or not something is “too loud” is a judgment that varies with each listener. The decision is influenced by many factors like content and style, the speaker’s voice and tone, background sounds, and music.

The FCC doesn’t regulate the volume of programs or commercials, but their rules limit the amount of power that a station can transmit and the peak level of the program material. Within these limitations, however, broadcasters and program producers can vary the “loudness” of the program material.

The FCC suggests contacting the specific station that airs loud commercials directly with your complaint. They point out that you should take note of the sponsor or product’s name and the date and time of the broadcast.

Dear Sun Spots: I have an IBM Selectric II typewriter that needs repair. Is there anyone in the Lewiston/Auburn that still repairs this type of equipment? No Name, No Town.

In addition to responses from readers, contact Affordable Business Machines at 946-2949. Prices will vary depending on the work involved, but they do service the typewriter model you have. They offer pickups and deliveries at no extra charge in the Lewiston-Auburn, Farmington, Norway, South Paris areas and others. Not only do they offer repair services, but they also sell typewriters and ribbons.

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