I was under the porch, hoping that Nathan, my brother, wouldn’t find me. Next to me were my friends Brielle and Quinten, they’re brother and sister. I saw Justin and Zach, Quinten; and Brielle’s brothers, run by. “Ready?” I said.

“Yup,” replied Brielle. Quinten nodded his head. I started to crawl out from under the porch. Once I was out, I waited for Quinten and Brielle. When they stood up, we ran towards the swing set in our neighbor’s yard. We covered most of the wet, green grass, which was covered with a blanket of darkness, then onto open space, where we could easily get caught before we got to the safeness of the swing set.

When we passed the garage, Nathan jumped out with the ball in his hands. I started to run as fast as I could; Quinten and Brielle were right behind me. I saw the ball fly in the air, and hit Quinten on his legs, making him fall to the grass. When he got up I did all I could to not laugh at the giant green stain that spread from his face to his shoes. Nathan picked the ball back up, and threw it at me. He missed and hit Brielle instead. Luckily for her, it hit her in the back, so she didn’t have to go home and explain to her mom why she had green all over her like Quinten did.

As I got to the swing set, I saw Justin and Zach run from different directions, one coming from the back of the garage, the other coming from the front.

The ball, once again, flew in the air. It was going toward Justin. He screamed like a little girl as he jumped in the air and dodged the ball under his legs. To be dramatic, he fell and did a somersault on the ground, and gained his speed again. We made it to the swing set in time before Nathan had the chance to get to us.

“Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!” I heard coming from Quinten and Brielle. I saw a crunched together fist, and a small hand flattened out. A small sigh came out from Quinten, and Brielle smiled at him and said, “You’re IT!” Quinten grabbed the ball and started counting. From that moment, I knew I was up for another exciting game we created, called hide and go seek ball tag in the dark.

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