WILTON – Barbara Craig, who has been with Central Maine Community College as adjunct faculty since 2002, has written “The Wilding House Mystery,” a novel for preteens that incorporates subject matter of today and yesteryear.

An old, possibly haunted house on a hill, two teenagers alone and a stormy night with a creepy, hunched-over intruder knocking at the door set the scene for intrigue and trepidation.

A pivotal part of story is the psychological effect of divorce on a family during the readjustment period. Facts and fiction about the Civil War keep the pace of the plot moving – with warm geographical Maine imagery interspersed.

The combination of various age groups intermingling and divergent city and country lifestyles make “The Wilding House Mystery” not only enjoyable reading but educational as well.

Craig received a bacheor of arts degree from the University of Maine at Farmington and a master’s in business administration from Florida Metropolitan University. She has written feature articles for the Sun Journal, has had several poems published and was inducted into the International Society of Poets in 1998.

“The Wilding House Mystery” is available for purchase at www.gooseriverpress.com ($12.95 in paperback) and at Main Street Garage and Wilton Printed Product. The ISBN is 978-1-59713-049-3.

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