NORWAY – As part of Norway Memorial Library’s Forgiveness and Transformation series of book discussions and programs, Robert Shetterly will speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 17. His talk will focus on the role justice plays in love and forgiveness in light of social issues.

Shetterly is the well-known painter of a series of portraits that incorporate the quotations of Americans from various times in our country’s history. His goal was to produce 50 “Americans Who Tell the Truth” portraits. He has created more than 100.

His objective, Shetterly explained, is “to remind people of the dignity, courage and importance of some of America’s truth-tellers and, whether or not you agree with a particular subject’s point of view, to create dialogue that will help each of us figure out which truths we value most as citizens in a democracy.”

His portraits have been exhibited across the country in colleges and universities as well as in grade schools, museums and libraries. They are often shown in conjunction with a school or community’s focus on America during a specific time period in the country’s history, or the study of a certain subject. The library will host a selection of portraits during March and April. They may be seen whenever the library is open.

For more information, visit the library, call 743-5309 or log on to For more information on Shetterly and “Americans Who Tell the Truth,” visit

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