Dear Sun Spots: I read your section every day and always looking forward to reading it.

I was wondering if you could tell me if you can get a refund or credit from World Over Imports? I know they have closed, and I have a gift card that I have not used.

Will look for your answer in the paper soon. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Sun Spots spoke with a former employee at World Over Imports who said you, and others who hold gift cards, can be reimbursed. Requests should be mailed to World Over Imports, P.O. Box 8369, Portland, ME 04101.

You should include the gift card number so the amount can be verified, or simply mail the card in with your request. Be sure to include your contact information with your name, phone number and the address to which the refund should be sent. You will probably receive the refund in the form of a check.

Dear Sun Spots: My son is looking for Box Tops For Education and soda can metal tabs. He is collecting these for his school. If you have any, please e-mail [email protected] or call 229-3831. Thank you. – Trish Randall, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: In regard to an inquiry on Feb. 5 from C.M.F., regarding the restaurant on Lisbon Street she called Jay Inn, I believe it was Jay Inn, a Chinese restaurant, located between Barnstone Osgood and Liggett’s Drug Store.

I don’t recall any other restaurant near, but Jay Inn was on the second floor. The entrance was of green-and-white tile, also the stairs were the same.

As a young child, I ate there a few times, but as a teenager, very often.

In January 1939, three couples, myself included, went to Lewiston to have graduation photos taken, and the six of us went to Jay Inn, dined on the third floor, and danced to music of a live band. Hope this will help. – D.M.W., Norway.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m looking for a free organ for someone who has a real talent for playing one. He is right now in the hospital and should get to go home in a few days. He has been really depressed and very discouraged.

We are praying that someone out there has a organ that they would be willing to give for this good cause. It needs to be in good working order. Please call 836-2822. Thank you. – Gloria, No Town.

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