On Friday, February 13, the Civil Rights Team got together for their annual movie night. Every member of the team was invited to play games, eat, and watch a movie portraying the ideals of the CRT.

When the kids arrived, everyone got in a big circle of chairs to play a game that was similar to musical chairs. Then, they played another game. This time the kids were split into two groups. Each group would have one person close their eyes and stand in front of a sheet. The other team would do the same thing, only on the other side of the sheet. When the sheet dropped, the kids had to quickly say the other person’s name. Whoever said it first would be safe. But the loser would have to go to the other team. In the end, whoever had the most kids won. After that game, each member paired with a partner. No one knew their partners, so they answered questions to become a bit more familiar with that person.

Then came the main event, the movie. The movie the CRT watched was “Freedom Writers.” The movie was about a group of kids who thought they were so different from each other, but they were more alike than they expected. What brings them together is a writing. The movie is based on a true story.

Movie Night was a great way to meet other members of the team. Madeline Blaisdell thought, “It was a good way to bring the team together and the movie showed great life lessons.”

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