An Ocean Apart, A World Away is a great book. It has a little bit of everything in it: action, romance, drama, and even some history! This book has a slow beginning, but the ending makes this book worth reading! An Ocean Apart, A World Away is about a Chinese girl named Yanyan. She is very independent and wants to become a doctor when she grows up. After one of her brother’s friends gets shot, she has no choice but to help him. Her only mistake was getting too involved. This man, Boashu is trying to restore the Manchu dynasty.

Yanyan starts to fall in love with Boashu, and likewise for Boashu. They are torn apart when Boashu leaves to perform his mission. The only thing Yanyan has to hold onto are his words, “I’ll come back for you.” Yanyan decides to go to America to study to become a doctor. There, she meets a Chinese boy named L.H.. Yanyan starts to fall in love with L.H., but her heart is torn in two directions. She had never fully gotten over Boashu. But with the help of some newly found friends in America, and even an old friend, she has a chance to see Boashu’s real personality; and the man who really loves her. This is a great book, especially the ending, but the only way to find out what happens is to read the book!

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