Does your bathroom resemble the bathroom of your childhood? Does it have the same unappealing colors, cold tile floors and dated decor as the day you bought the house?

If your bathroom is stuck in the ’60s, ’70s and even ’80s, then it’s time to upgrade. But don’t worry, you can transform it into a modern day showplace on a budget. Here are some tips to get you started:

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Nothing cleans up damaged and dingy walls better than a new color. Because the bathroom is a high-humidity area that is also enclosed, look for paints that are mildew-resistant but don’t contain harsh chemicals. Be a little artistic with your painting as well. Find textured paints to create barely-there patterns on the walls, or use two different paint tints to create shading or bold contrasting wall colors.

Update your hardware

Bathroom faucets and accessories have evolved over the decades, and style is the new design. Today’s products are able to match tastes ranging from exquisite vintage to ultra modern so you can transform your out-dated style into something perfect for a guest bath, master bath or children’s fun bathroom. Visit to find the right style for you.

Change your lighting

A single light fixture or a worn-out overhead lamp just doesn’t give a bathroom the illumination or style you need. A properly-lit bathroom provides comfort, charm, fashion and function. You may need lights above the sink or wall sconces to illuminate any dark shadows. Find all the latest lighting styles at

Bring comfort into the shower

A new massaging shower head is vital to making your shower inviting. Accompany the new fixture with a beautiful curtain and curved shower rod to match the rest of the room’s decor. Look for curtains that do not contain vinyl or PVC materials, because a 2008 study found vinyl curtains contain many toxic chemicals which can be released into the air when opened and hung. But don’t block out all that new light you just installed. Use a shower curtain that allows light into the tub area.

Warm up the floor

Don’t forget the cringe you feel every time you step onto your cold bathroom floor. If the tile is in good shape, or you don’t have the finances to install radiant heat throughout the bathroom, try a decorative rug instead to keep your feet warm. You can forget about the old shag carpets with rubber backing. The styles, shapes and colors available are endless, in materials ranging from cotton to wool. Find a theme carpet for your children’s bathroom, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers to spice up your guest bathroom. To find your style, visit

“You will be better able to enjoy your bathroom once you get it brought into the 21st century,” says Daniel Auer from, a leading online retailer of decorative plumbing products. “And you can find the necessary items for your remodel quickly by shopping online while saving money at the same time.”

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