When it comes to outdoor living and entertaining, homeowners can face many questions as they try to sort out the various home improvement products that are available. Will you be able to add a screen enclosure to that patio cover you have chosen? Can you screen in only part of your patio or deck, or must you make an “all-or-nothing” choice? How can you add a safety railing to match an upper story screen enclosure?

Questions like these can lead homeowners on a time-consuming search as they compare various manufacturers’ products, incorporate them into their plans, and then make sure they work well together and will meet local building codes.

Fortunately, there’s now a simple solution – a single company that offers a complete line of patio and deck improvements that are completely coordinated and compatible with each other, fully compliant with virtually all national building codes, and suitable for installation by both contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Madden Manufacturing, which has been active in the building products and home improvement industries for nearly 25 years, now offers a full line of patio covers, screen enclosures and handrails that can be custom-sized, specified and ordered online – often with next-day delivery in most parts of the country.

“All our products are designed to help homeowners add value and enjoyment to their outdoor living spaces – and to do so in a convenient and cost-effective way,” says Mike Madden, president of the company, which offers its fully integrated product online at www.maddenmetals.com.

The Madden line of outdoor improvement products includes the EZ Handrail System, EZ Screen Enclosure, and EZ Patio Cover, all of which – as their names imply – are easy for homeowners to install.

“For example, our pre-engineered EZ Handrail system combines the durability, strength and low maintenance of aluminum, while also offering easy one-person installation,” says Madden.

Made of powder-coated aluminum, the system can be ordered in custom colors to coordinate with virtually any exterior color scheme. The handrail is shipped in 8-foot sections which are pre-drilled to accept spindles at code-compliant intervals.

“The pre-engineered and pre-drilled rails eliminate guesswork and uncertainty, and also simplify installation,” offers Madden. “But it’s not only simple to install, it’s also an attractive and decorative system that is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.”

The EZ Handrail is designed to fit perfectly with the EZ Screen Enclosure system, incorporating a profile that accepts spline for screening. The screen enclosure, in turn, is also made of powdercoated aluminum. Finally, the EZ Patio Cover integrates with all other components to make a complete system, allowing the homeowner to mix and match components at will: patio cover only; patio cover plus full or partial screen enclosure; patio cover, screen enclosure and handrails; or handrails alone for an outdoor deck, dock or other application.

“The EZ Screen Enclosure is ideal for use in multiple-family buildings, since the EZ Handrail integrates perfectly as a safety railing for upper floor installations,” Madden adds.

The Madden Web site includes extensive project photos to help homeowners and contractors picture the possibilities offered by these systems. It also includes an easy-to-use estimator that makes it simple for customers to plan and price their projects.

All components are custom-manufactured to the customer’s measurements, and shipped directly from the Madden Manufacturing fabrication plant in Missouri. All engineering drawings required for permitting are also supplied, and full product support is available for all products, both online and by phone.

“We’re old-fashioned that way,” says Madden. “We know there are times when you need to talk directly to someone or just ask a question, so we offer full product support by e-mail or by toll-free number.”

Along with the EZ line of aluminum handrails, screen enclosures and patio covers, the company also manufactures Energy Star-approved insulated mobile home roofovers, as well as custom aluminum soffit and fascia. For more information, contact Madden at 800-248-1520 or visit www.maddenmetals.com. (MS)

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