COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – A Clemson assistant coach having face-to-face contact with a recruit was the most serious of six NCAA violations the school’s athletic department reported the past eight months.

Clemson released its latest report of infractions of NCAA rules considered secondary in nature on Friday. Twice a year, the school issues such reports because of Freedom of Information Act requests by The Associated Press and other media outlets.

The Clemson coaches, assistants, athletes or sports involved were not included in the report that covered from July through February.

There was only one violation considered Level I, the more serious of the two categories of NCAA secondary infractions.

Clemson said that last November an administrator received an anonymous note and a photo showing a Tiger assistant interacting with a prospect, which violates NCAA rules.

The school said the assistant received a letter of reprimand and was kept from off-campus recruiting for 15 days in the fall and spring. The assistant was also made to attend an NCAA Regional Rules Seminar at the coach’s own expense.

Clemson’s compliance staff reported the infraction directly to the NCAA.

The school reported the other five infractions, considered the less serious Level II, to the Atlantic Coast Conference, which will forward them on to the NCAA.

The other violations were:

-In July, a prospective athlete roomed with a current team member before the prospect was officially admitted to Clemson. The sport’s coaches received a letter of admonishment. The athlete’s eligibility was reinstated after beginning to pay back the cost of the lodging.

-In August, a police report about a theft from a Tiger athletic facility showed that two athletes were wrongly allowed to store items from their dorm over the summer. Their eligibility was reinstated when they donated the cost of the benefit, a combined $79.50, to charity.

-Also this summer, an assistant coach paid hotel expenses for an international athlete whose delayed flight arrived after the school’s housing office was closed. The athlete also donated the cost, $71.04, to charity and eligibility was restored.

-In October, a student athlete received a meal they shouldn’t have at a letter winners banquet and was declared ineligible until the $12.38 cost was donated to charity. The coach involved received a letter of admonishment.

-Also that month, a prospect visiting a sister, who was a Clemson athlete, inappropriately used athletic department equipment. The sport’s coach received a letter of admonishment and the prospect was declared ineligible until the benefit’s cost, which was not listed in the report, was donated to charity.

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