On the evening train from Canada Wednesday over the Grand Trunk Railroad arrived two men and their wives and children, numbering in all 40 people. In one family there are 24 children and in the other 12 children. They came to Lewiston from Grand Island, Canada, and are to make their home in this city where they have relatives.

The father of the largest family is Alex Cote. He is 55 years old and is the father of 15 boys and nine girls. The oldest is a man nearly 40, while the youngest is about eight months. Ernest Cote is the father of the other large family. He is but 38 years of age and already has 12 children and says that he expects to have an even larger family by the time he is as old as his cousin.

50 years ago, 1959

The B.B.F. Club, composed of eight Lewiston and Auburn men, has purchased the six apartment building at 10-12 Wakefield St., Lewiston, from the Joseph Cook estate, it was announced last night.

The block was constructed in 1947 by Lewiston Contractor Harry Maxim. The club purchased the building for approximately $45,000 as an investment. It already owns several other parcels of property in both Lewiston and Auburn.

25 years ago, 1984

Lewiston will participate in a statewide drug-enforcement program if it can get guarantees from the Maine State Police that an undercover agent will be stationed in the city in return for Lewiston’s providing an officer to serve elsewhere in the state.

Under the program, participating police departments contribute officers who act as undercover agents in areas of the state other than their own. In return, state police provide undercover officers to do drug investigations, stolen-property buys and other undercover police work in the participating communities.

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