PARIS – Two men pleaded guilty in Oxford County Superior Court on Thursday in unrelated cases involving trafficking of the painkiller morphine sulfate and marijuana.

John Patrick Bernard, 44, of 8 Angie Lane in Mexico, pleaded guilty to trafficking drugs. He was sentenced to one year in prison, all suspended, with two years of probation and a $500 fine. During probation, Bernard must register his prescriptions, not possess illegal drugs, submit to random searches, and attend substance abuse counseling.

Assistant Attorney General David Fisher said police determined that Bernard was selling morphine sulfate pills for $10 apiece. At the time, Bernard was living with Earl S. Blanchard Jr., 50, of Rumford; Blanchard was sentenced in September to serve 21 months of a five-year prison sentence on drug charges.

Norman D. Chamberlain, 19, of 81 Gill Street in Auburn, pleaded guilty to stealing drugs and unlawful trafficking in marijuana. He was sentenced to serve 48 hours in jail and pay a $1,000 fine on the marijuana trafficking charge. A sentence on the stealing drugs charge was deferred for one year.

According to a report by Deputy William Nelson of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office, Chamberlain was found with about one pound of marijuana and a vial of morphine sulfate during a traffic stop in May.

Chamberlain, who was a passenger in the vehicle, told Nelson that he bought the marijuana for $1,500 and had stolen the morphine sulfate from a veterinary clinic where his girlfriend worked.

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