FRYEBURG – Fern J. Michaud, 88, of Bridgton, died Saturday, March 14, at Fryeburg Health Care Center.

He was born in Lewiston, Feb. 25, 1921, the son of George and Cedonia Michaud. Fern touched so many lives with his exuberant personality and ever positive attitude. He relished serving others, whether as a father, rural free delivery mailman, friend or just an acquaintance, he truly enjoyed people. He will be deeply missed and lovingly thought of by his countless friends and loving family.

Fern is survived by his daughter, Carolyn and her husband, Louis Fleming, of Fairfield, Calif.; and his son, Robert and two grandchildren, Eryn Michaud of Berkeley, Calif. and Marc Michaud of Orem, Utah.

He is predeceased by his loving wife of 64 years, Irene, whom he cherished ever so profoundly. The departing words he wanted shared were:

“Oh, to climb a mountain, feel the wind on my face. To see the world from up on high, the sun’s warmth I would embrace. Oh, to ski down a mountain, the snow under my feet, to fly like a bird, so graceful and so sleek. I want to go outside and see my old friends and family, to walk, bike, ski and canoe, I want to be free. Now that I am old and gray, I cannot go outside and play. But someday soon, I pray, the Lord God will take me away. When I am gone, don’t cry for me, as I will kiss you daily, with the touch of a snowflake on your cheek, or with the rain under your feet. And when the seasons change and the colors change too, with a wind that is cool I will kiss you. So go outside and play for me. Outside you and we will always be, TOGETHER!”

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