CHICHESTER, N.H. (AP) – Residents are fighting a decision to move a paroled child killer into their town.

Raymond Guay, 60, killed 12-year-old John Lindovski of Nashua in 1973 and kidnapped a Concord couple during a prison escape in 1982. A federal judge has ordered that he serve his supervised release in New Hampshire, but that is proving difficult as public outcry forced him out of Manchester last year and Concord last week.

Guay now is staying in Chichester with the pastor of a Concord church. About 50 neighbors gathered across the street from the home for a protest Sunday.

“I can’t say that your kids are safe,” said Merrimack County Sheriff Scott Hilliard. “I’d say you should take precautions like any other parent.”

Gretchen Smith, who lives nearby with her 2-year-old daughter, was so scared she planned to stay at a friend’s house Saturday night.

“The reality is, people are going to protect themselves, and he’s not welcome,” she said.

Lindsay Holden, a mother of two who lives across the street, said she was livid at the pastor and parole officers. Her 11-year-old daughter is friends with the pastor’s daughter, and the two had frequent sleepovers in the past.

“Most of the people on our road have guns, and they’re not afraid to use them,” she said. “The (pastor) is an absolute fool if he thinks (Guay) has changed and he’s willing to put his own children and ours at risk.”

Thomas Tarr, chief of the federal probation office supervising Guay, said he has never seen such public anger in the 30 years he’s been dealing with offenders.

“I’m trying my best to deal with a difficult situation,” he said.

One resident who lets two of her four children play in the area said she has spoken with the pastor and trusts his judgment.

“He’s a fine, outstanding man who cares about his family,” said Kate Browall. “I think everybody deserves a second change, and what’s to say people can’t change.”

Selectmen plan to address the uproar on Tuesday. The board likely will be asked to sign a letter to the governor asking for help having Guay removed from the state.

They may also be asked to order round-the-clock police monitoring of the road where Guay is living, which would be a challenge for a department with just four full-time officers.

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