Dear Sun Spots: My name is Larissa Hine, and I am a graduate student at USM-LAC in the OT program. Through Juniata College, where I got my bachelor’s degree, I am traveling with a medical delegation to Guatemala from June 5 to 14 to serve a poor community in the city of Quetzaltenango. Other students and I will act as translators.

The dentist that we had scheduled to go with us can no longer go. I am looking to see if there are any dentists in the area who would be willing and able to join us?

While in Guatemala, we’ll work five full days, spend a day or two on either side of that learning/reviewing some of the recent history of Guatemala, the situation of health care in Guatemala, and probably one of those days would be a touristy sort of day.

The working adults who go on the trip, including the medical and dental people, alumni, and Henry our professor all pay about $1,500 (sometimes less) for the whole nine yards – airfare, all expenses once in Guatemala, and leftover funds are usually donated to the elementary school we will be serving.

The name of this elementary school is Asturias Academy, We’d probably also be serving kids from an after-school tutoring program that serves a very poor community on the outskirts of the town. Most, if not all of these kids have never been inside a clinic or hospital (except possibly the day they were born), and many would never get a chance to visit a dentist if we did not bring one. If there is a dentist who is interested in participating, I may be reached at 562-8278 or [email protected] – Larissa Hine, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: I am in need of a fence. I know that trash cleanup week is upon us and was wondering if any of your readers may have any type of fence that I may come and use as a pen for my small dog, so he may play outside.

The size I need is 15 feet squared, 3 feet tall, or taller. Wood, metal, it doesn’t matter. If anyone has a fence they no longer are in need of, I could sure use it. Call 786-7058 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thank you. – Anne, Lewiston.

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