Dear Sun Spots: I have contacted two appropriate city officials as to whether or not Lewiston will have a spring cleanup this year. One replied that a final decision has not been reached and the other replied that there would not be a cleanup this spring, both ending with “as far as I know.”

I would like the status of this subject published more thoroughly in your newspaper and would like to alert the residents of Lewiston to call their councilman or other appropriate person on the problems resulting from eliminating this project in spite of the costs. Even if the solid waste facility offered one free day, what does one do if they don’t have adequate means of transporting bulky items? I can see trashy backyards and solid waste along roadsides and fields and gullies.

The $20 punch pass fee is practically useless unless you have the vehicle to transport bulky items. – No Name, Lewiston.

The Spring Clean Up Program for Lewiston will be addressed at the Thursday, April 2 council meeting. According to the deputy director of the Public Works Department, the program is generally conducted the second week of April and, at this time, the department is not sure if it will be eliminated or altered in some way.

They do recommend that people have a plan in place in the event that the program in eliminated. Sun Spots knows from writing this column that there are always people willing to help their neighbors. Possibly someone in the neighborhood with a truck or trailer would be able to assist with those bulky items.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m hoping your readers can help me. I bought yarn at Marden’s a while back but didn’t buy enough. I went back, but they didn’t have anymore of this particular yarn. I’m looking for one skein of Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick Prints in the Saphire Print 215. I paid 78 cents a skein. If anyone has a skein they would be willing to sell to me, I would be grateful. Thank you. Call Sue at 576-5026. – Sue, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a Sears knitting machine. It is pink and in the center are the needles which are gray. It has a hand crank on the right and this is purple. I’ve lost the directions to it, and I need them, or a manual.

If anyone has one, would you please get in touch with me at 778-6780? – Barbara, Farmington.

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