100 years ago

According to a dealer in furs, hunters of the Maine skunk who have held back their skins until the present date will find that they have made a mistake. While the skunk market is strong in a certain sense, there has been a decline in price three times within the past two weeks. The price for the best skins during the winter was $2.25, but it has now decreased 30 percent.

The outlook for the muskrat hunters is better, the indication being that there will be a ten percent rise over the prices of last year.

50 years ago, 1959

Androscoggin County Sheriff Robert W. Bonenfant said last night he does not intend to present any charges against any Lewiston police officer at a meeting of the Lewiston Police Commission tomorrow night.

An alleged “run-in” between a Lewiston policeman and the sheriff at the Central Maine Youth Center over the question of keeping order in one section of the grandstand last weekend was being discussed in Lewiston city building circles yesterday.

Bonenfant said he plans no complaint to the Police Commission and does not plan to attend the meeting.

25 years ago, 1984

Dave Mallett was voted Best Soloist and the bands Magic and Legend tied for the Best Group Award in the third annual Maine Music Awards ceremony held Sunday night at the Kamalot Inn in Lisbon.

About 7,000 ballots were cast in the contest, said Wayne Koss, publisher of Music Line Magazine, which sponsored the event. Besides naming winners in a number of categories, Koss said this year’s awards show featured a special award to Good and Plenty, the house band at the Ramada Inn.

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