Dear Sun Spots: In response to inquiry from “T. Turner” on March 21, please be advised that there is an active group of volunteers at Central Maine Medical Center who collect used stuffed animals.

The stuffed animals are cleaned by local cleaners, free of charge, and then the “Cuddles” group checks them over carefully, adds perky new bows, and they are distributed to all children who come to CMMC whether it is to visit, as a patient or for an emergency visit.

The stuffed animals are also offered to the elderly who enjoy having something to “cuddle.” You may take your stuffed animals, in bags, to the Gift Shop at CMMC and they will accept them for the program.

Thank you for your kindness as so many children and elderly gain comfort from these stuffed animals. On behalf of the “Cuddles” program at CMMC. – J.Gibson, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: This is in response to “T. Turner” about the stuffed animals. I would gladly take all of them from her. I recently moved back from Texas and know of some places that could use them. Back in Texas the local area churches use them for prizes for the children and also the hospitals for their child patients. She could contact me at 333-7260. – Cathy, Monmouth.

Sun Spots thanks both readers for making us aware of these programs and hopes “T” contacts you.

Dear Sun Spots: I am writing to ask Sun Spots to remind people that the MS Walk is coming up April 25. Registration starts at 8 am. and the walk kicks off at 9 a.m.

I don’t have the pleasure this year to be on the front page promoting my team so this is a friendly reminder to everyone that Team “Walking with Grace” is again walking and raising money for MS research, and I am asking everyone to support our efforts by donating to our team. My co-captain (Grace, 9 years old) and I were interviewed last year and a lovely article was written about Grace and how special she is to work so hard to support the MS research.

To donate to the team or any individual on our team, please go to, click the Androscoggin walk site and pick team “Walking with Grace.” Thank you for all your support. – Vickie E. Gould, Team Captain, Walking with Grace.

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