Dear Sun Spots: I would like to know if there is a restaurant in the area that has gyro sandwiches? Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots found the following restaurants that have gyros on their menu: Yianni’s House of Pizza, with locations at 155 Main St., Paris, and 206 Main St., Jay; Lewiston House of Pizza, 95 Lincoln St., Lewiston; Lisbon House of Pizza, 688 Lisbon Rd., Lisbon Falls; and Antigoni’s Pizza, Route 4, Turner.

Dear Sun Spots: The Women’s Club of Greene accepts used, but like new condition, stuffed animals. They are donated to less-privileged children during our annual “Share So Others Will Know You Care” Christmas Program.

Please let T. from Turner know that they can be dropped off at Lindy’s Auto, 518 Route 202 in Greene. Our hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m to noon on Saturdays. Please call 946-5750 for further information. Thank you very much. – Brenda Theriault, Women’s Club of Greene.

Dear Sun Spots: Could you please inform readers as to where in the Twin Cities, besides the Sun Journal office, a copy of the TV Preview can be picked up? Thank you. – S.P., Auburn.

At this time, the TV Preview is available in an honor box at the following locations: Sun Journal, Main Office, 104 Park St., Lewiston; Sun Journal, Farmington Office, 76 N. Main St., Farmington; Rumford Falls Times Office, 69 Congress St., Rumford; Advertiser Democrat Office, 1 Pikes Hill, Norway; Bethel Citizen Office, 19 Main St., Bethel; Franklin Journal Office, 187 Wilton Rd., Farmington; Livermore Falls Advertiser Office, 59 Main St., Livermore Falls; and the Rangeley Highlander Office, 2579 Main St., Rangeley

Please note that the boxes are open at all times for your convenience, except at the Rangeley Highlander office, where the preview can be picked up during business hours.

Dear Sun Spots: I’m looking for a donation of an eMachine computer. It looks like an iMac. I prefer one with Windows 98. It’s for my Senior Citizen Learning Program. Call 375-4246 for more information. – Frances, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: My name is Carla Harris. I am the manager of resident services for Lewiston Housing Authority. Through a partnership with the U Maine Cooperative Extension Service we are establishing a Sewing Club for the residents of Hillview apartments.

We are looking to find committed community volunteers to teach sewing classes to energetic and enthusiastic teenagers that are part of our Aspirations Program at Hillview. We hope to hold sessions two times a month, Thursdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Sewing machines, fabric and supplies will be provided. Classes will be held in the auditorium.

The girls recently were involved in a small project which involved a fashion show at the Lewiston Public Library. They are interested in learning more. If interested or you would like to hear more please call me at 783-8539 or e-mail [email protected] – Carla Harris, Lewiston Housing Authority.

Dear Sun Spots: Would some of your readers know how to make maple sugar candy? Please send me a recipe or post it in your column. Thank you. – Georgia, Jay.

In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots located the following recipes from for maple candy and maple cream candy. You should note that all of the recipes we read called for the use of a candy thermometer and pure maple syrup.

Maple candy ingredients: 2 cups fancy-grade maple syrup.

Method: In a heavy bottomed 4-quart pot, boil maple syrup on medium-high heat to 235 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring the surface occasionally to keep it from boiling over.

Immediately remove the pot from the heat, leaving the thermometer clipped to the side, and place the pot on a wooden board to cool. (Do not touch the syrup while it is cooling, or large crystals will form.)

Cool the mixture to 175 degrees Fahrenheit, approximately 10 minutes.

Beat the mixture rapidly and continuously with a wooden spoon until the syrup becomes lighter in color, thick and creamy and begins to lose its gloss (about 4 to 5 minutes).

Pour into rubber maple-sugar molds or a buttered pan. If using a pan, score into squares immediately. Set aside to cool.

When the candies are cool, turn the molds upside down and remove.

Candies will store up to one month in a container in a cool, dry space. Makes 18 to 20 one ounce maple leaves.

Maple cream candy ingredients: 2 cups fancy-grade maple syrup, 1 cup half-and-half, 8 ounces melted chocolate.

Method: Using a candy thermometer, cook syrup and cream in a saucepan over medium heat to 239 degrees Fahrenheit. Pour mixture onto a cold, clean surface; cool until lukewarm.

Use a spatula to help mixture hold its shape. Form into 3/4-inch balls and dip in melted chocolate. Makes about 20 pieces.

Dear Sun Spots: On Jan. 25, I lost a pin that was very precious to me. I’ve tried lost and found with no results. If, by any chance. some kind soul has found my pin, a butterfly design, please call Denise at 782-3775. I will offer a reward. Thanks. – Denise, Lewiston.

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