It is said that a “phony check man” has been operating in Lewiston during the past few days, and as a result at least one Lisbon Street clothing store is minus a suit of clothes and about $20 in cash.

It seems that a man with a check for upwards of $30 called at a Lewiston clothing store and asked to be shown a cheap suit of clothes. His request was granted. In payment thereof he tendered said check asking that the amount over the cost of the suit be given to him in cash. The proprietor hesitated but when the prospective buyer said he’d better go to such a store where he was known to buy his suit, the check was accepted.

Later in the day it was discovered that the check was a worthless piece of paper.

50 years ago, 1959

The chickadees came to Sabbathday Lake in New Gloucester Tuesday.

There weren’t televisions and news cameras there to record the event, like there are when the swallows return to the Mission of San Juan Capistrano, but alert observers couldn’t help but notice. The gathering of hundreds of chickadees at Sabbathday Lake for an outing may never have the mass appeal of the swallow’s return, but surely it is as true a harbinger of the coming of spring.

25 years ago, 1984

Nearly 400 students from nine area high schools will take two days off from classes this month to learn about drinking and driving in a unique student-oriented and student-presented event in Lewiston.

According to Lewiston High School Assistant Principal John Bouchles, the Central Maine Consortium on Drinking and Driving on April 26 and 27 will center on the theme: “What I can do that I can control.”

Students will run the entire program, the only adults being the opening speaker, Maine Secretary of State Rodney Quinn: closing speaker Al Godfrey, the governor’s representative on the Highway Safety Committee; and a panel of law enforcement officers.

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