The Sun Journal article (April 2) about the abuse of hens at egg farms in Turner reminds me, once again, why I buy eggs locally and only from free-range chickens. At $2.50 per dozen, my purchase will certainly not qualify for the paper’s “Tough People Smart Money” column — eggs at a local gocery store were 89 cents per dozen — but I am willing to pay the extra as long as I’m not supporting the animal cruelty that is inherent with large-scale factory farms.

I know that it’s impossible for everyone to purchase eggs locally.

I also know that I can’t avoid eggs that have come from a factory farm if I buy most processed food that contains eggs. For those reasons, I’m truly thankful for activists such as those from Mercy for Animals and PETA, who keep a watchful eye on humans who have become blinded to the suffering of animals caused by mass production.

Robin Lisherness, Strong

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