On March 7, six brave Monmouth Academy students jumped into the chilly waters of Old Orchard Beach. Luckily, it was a warm winter day of 50 degrees, making the dip a little easier. The six brave polar dippers were Garrison Beck, Eric Smith, Caitlin Robichau, Tierra Sanford, Andrea Pomerleau, and Chelsey St. Michel. These students were doing the polar dip to raise money for their bus trip down to Boston for the trip to Greece during April vacation. They raised the wonderful amount of about $500. The Polar dip was the fifth fundraiser they had done this year and is the fundraiser they made the most money with.

Having the personal experience of doing this polar dip, I got to experience the coldness of the water. After being in the water longer than five seconds my feet and legs started to go numb and I felt like I couldn’t even bend my toes. This didn’t stop us girls from going in a second time while the boys were drying off! It also didn’t stop seventh grader, Robert Vickerson, who was there to take photos, from jumping in with us. It was a fun experience that I’m sure none of us will forget. I can say that I will never complain about the water being cold in the summer after experiencing this. We all had a fun time and I know that I would do it again because I feel that it is one of the better fundraisers. It was worth it to be able to now sit on a comfortable bus on the way down to Boston-rather than a school bus that isn’t comfortable and that is a bumpy ride with no televisions.

There are only so many things you do in high school that you remember, and the polar dip will surely be one of them. It also helped that we went shopping afterwards in Scarborough for fun.

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