On Saturday, March 7, the eighth grade students put on a fundraiser for their Boston Trip in June. Every year the eighth grade class puts on a Price is Right and this year, was no different. Doors opened at 5 p.m. and the actual show started at 6 p.m. Along the inside wall of the Elm Street School Gym, there were tables set with raffles, extra chance tickets, and tickets for the children’s table; five to 17 year olds.

Peter Ford once again played the famous Bob Barker, and Dana Lee played Rod Roddy. Most of the eighth grade students participated. Some of the jobs were being a waiter/waitress, Barker’s beauties, helping at the tables with tickets and other things, and writing the contestant’s name tags.

Just like the actual show, six (instead of four) contestants’ tickets got drawn randomly and then they bid for the object on stage. Once someone won, they went on stage and played one of many selected games to try and win another prize. This was repeated multiple times and everyone who went on stage spun the wheel to try to get to the showcase showdown. This whole part of the show was done again until we had two people for the ending show.

One showcase was a kitchen theme, consisting of a wonderful cabinet from Bobby’s Rule, cookbooks, and other great prizes. The second showcase had a beautiful chair, side table from Bobby’s Rule, and other things as well.

The eighth grade class raised a little over $6,000 for their trip in June. I as a part of the eighth grade class at Elm Street, plan to have a great trip and enjoy what this fundraiser has done for us.

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