When I first walked in to Lewiston High School my freshman year, I was terrified. I was worried all the time about whether or not people would like me. So, that year was about trying to please others and blend in with everyone else while looking for the place at LHS that I belonged to. I finally found that I belonged in the music department. I had always loved music and was fascinated by it, but I never wanted to pursue this interest.

I just wanted to get my fine arts credits out of the way without having to draw anything. But I fell in love with the music program because the music was like a secret language that was slowly revealing itself to me and because of all the different and unique people who were involved in it. I found the confidence to be myself and to love myself through these peers (of which no two are the same) and also with the help of the amazing Ms. Poppke.

I find that now I am a lot more outgoing and confident with who I am and accepting my faults. So, take a music class and learn about the amazing things you can accomplish. Or if you unfortunately have no interest in music, take a class that you are truly curious about even if it’s stepping outside your comfort zone. Because in the end, you’ll have a lot more fun and you’ll grow and learn. It could be very rewarding and you might surprise yourself with your new knowledge and the group of friends you might pick up from taking a chance.

When you wake up to go to school in the morning you have to have something to look forward to or else going to school is just a drag. My music classes are what I look forward to. Find something that’s right for you and get involved.

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