This is in response to Joel Goodman’s letter, March 30, that responded to my letter of March 23.

I write about issues where America is directly involved. Goodman twisted my words. I do not support terrorists, only the Palestinian people. I expect Israel to honor international laws and boundaries.

One definition of propaganda I found is “Publicity to promote something by an organization or government to promote a policy, idea or cause; misleading publicity; deceptive or distorted information systematically spread.”

The media, being propaganda puppets, are biased when reporting on the Middle East.

The situation for the Palestinian people is similar to the American Indians, who fought to keep their land.

Israel claims the current conflict is related to the rockets Hamas sends into Israel. Hamas claims it’s about closed borders, which were to be opened during the six-month truce.


Most aid to Gaza is from the United Nations and America. Many countries are sending aid to rebuild Gaza, yet little aid is getting through.

Israel does not classify many items as humanitarian aid, such as pasta, paper products, jam — even water purification equipment.

More than 100,000 Palestinians are displaced — living in tents and bombed-out buildings in winter weather.

The Pentagon will spend $4.7 billion this year on global propaganda to sell its reasons for barbaric war, where truth is the first casualty.

Deanne Danforth, Turner

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