As humans, our brains are very complex systems, with each lobe controlling a different part, or function, within the body. Many of these functions are voluntary, but some of them are not. Those actions are called involuntary movements. However, rarely do we take the time to sit down and really think about what our brain actually does and the specific traits that mark the differences between voluntary and involuntary movements. Therefore, while you are reading this article, you should take some time out and try to directly link some of this information to your brain, in some way.

First, there are two distinguishable sides of the brain, each one controlling a different set of functions. Studies have shown that the right side of the brain is more creative and visual while the left side of the brain is more logical. Therefore, the following suggestions below, revealed by The London Times, will teach you how to use both sides of your brain to your advantage, while actively thinking about its use at the same time.

1. If you are taking a math test, but you cannot figure out how to solve a specific math problem, glance to the right. Studies show that even though the left side of the brain is more visual and imaginary and therefore, may help you to visualize the process in which to solve the math problem, the right side of the brain is more logical, helping you to draft up the procedure, in which to solve that math problem, in a more sequential, organized, rational manner.

2. If the teacher asks the class a geography question, such as the location of a particular country or the names of the countries that share its borders, glance to the left while thinking. By glancing to the left, you are stimulating the visually creative part of the brain, granting you a better probability of possibly being able to “see” a map, in your head, of the particular country in question and maybe even its bordering countries.

3. Last, if you are about to run or sprint in a race, start on your right foot. Research shows that beginning a race on the right foot allows you to run faster than those starting on their left foot, because the right foot corresponds to the left side of the brain, which is dominant when dealing with mobility and muscle function.

Therefore, now you have the knowledge of which side of the brain controls what, and the knowledge of what to do if you are stuck on a problem in math class, stuck on a question in geography, or need to win that race in Track and Field. As a result of this newly-gained knowledge, go out into the world, spread the word, and most of all, start using your brain, both sides of it!

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