Republican supporters writing letters to the editor are pathetic. Recent letters have done nothing but parrot Republican talking points and the ignorant rantings of Rush Limbaugh.
A perfect storm blew President Barack Obama into the White House. Absolutely true. A perfect storm just like the one that blew FDR into office. What caused the storm? Twenty or more years of Republican economic policy have put the economy in the toilet. again.
President Obama has speech writers and reads speeches off a teleprompter. True on all counts. In fact, all modern presidents have had a staff of speech writers. Also, for at least the past 50 years, presidents have read their speeches off teleprompters. Reagan was very good at hitting his toe marks and reading off a tele-prompter. For the past eight years, we have had a president who couldn’t even read a speech, much less write one. I for one welcome the change.
The final Republican talking point is that the commies are coming and socialism is about to become our economic system.Ask anyone using the term socialist what socialism is and they are absolutely stumped; they don’t know.The charge of socialist was leveled at FDR much like it is being thrown at Obama today. The charge is as laughable as it is ignorant.
Judson R. Duncan,

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