I’ve got a gripe.
Why aren’t Sun Journal editorials syndicated?I’m still e-mailing
“Channeling Paine For The Crisis,” because no one outside of Maine has
read it.
It is a moral, patriotic, and economic necessity to get articles like that out to the nation.
If Cafferty, Zakaria, Olbermann, Maddow, were to quote the Sun Journal,
Maine would again have the rest of the country sitting up and taking
notice.Our legislators present a positive image of Mainers; our
journalists can as well.Bushel baskets are for apples.
— Tom Bulger
My gripe is with the Salvation Army store. The price tags are put on
with staples. The staples make holes in the clothing, no matter how
careful you are in taking them off.
I complained to them and was told to call Portland. I did that, also.
They said they would look into it. I guess I wasted my time because
they still use staples. Why can’t they use barbs like Goodwill does?
I would very much like to second the gripe of a March 8th person who
was upset about dog feces on Elm Street in Sabattus.I am also a
resident of this area and can say that this problem has been going on
for many years on Elm Street and just keeps getting worse!
I know who the offenders are (it is more than one dog owner on that
street) and have asked my neighbor to clean up after his dog.
His response was that he didn’t have to because there was no law
stating that he had to pick up after his dog, therefore he wasn’t going
to. I think a “curb your dog” law is long past due in Sabattus.
I am so frustrated with having to dangerously walk my own dog down the
center of the street because the sides are covered in a disgusting and
unsanitary mess!There have been times in the summer that I have even
had to walk on the road instead of the sidewalk at the bottom on the
hill because there is a pile of dog excrement right in the middle of
the sidewalk.
People need to be responsible for their dogs and stop polluting the
street with poop!Residents should be able to enjoy walking the streets
in their own neighborhood without this problem.
— Anonymous
My current gripe is when I hear the politicians all saying the word
billions yet pronouncing it as if it’s spelled Bill-YUNs! Don’t they
know that there is no ‘Y’ in billion! It’s not in the word million
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