The students of Lisbon desperately need the support of the voters of Lisbon to pass the referendum on a bond anticipation note which will begin the process of bringing Lisbon High School up to the standards insisted upon by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, the group that judges whether or not both the curriculum and the facilities meet their rigorous standards.

The town anticipates spending $20,000 for an engineering analysis to determine if the building can be renovated or must be built new.

We have learned that the school situation is even more dire: its status has been reduced to probation. Without a positive vote on the referendum, the status will become unaccredited. NEASC has refused to give the school any leeway.

Losing accreditation is a very serious situation for students seeking admission to college because admissions directors tend to accept students and give financial aid to applicants from accredited high schools. Our students’ future dreams could be shattered.

Additional  tours of Lisbon High School are scheduled for April 11 and 18, from 9-11 a.m., as well as throughout the day on April 21 — the day of the vote. People should take the time for a tour.

I encourage citizens to vote Yes on referendum Question 5. Absentee ballots are currently available at the Lisbon Town Office.

We need to give Lisbon students the chance to realize their dreams.

Prudence Grant, Lisbon
Chairperson, Lisbon School Committee

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