Dear Sun Spots: I have magazines for your writer. Call 225-2644. Thanks for all the help you give to us all. My older brother and I are looking for the words to a song we used to sing as children. All we can remember is “A little red patch on the seat of his trousers.” Anyone remember this little song? – Remembering, Turner.

Answer: “Little Red Patch On The Seat Of My Trousers” was sung by Wilf Carter, a Canadian singer and yodeler, also known as Montana Slim. Sun Spots couldn’t track down the lyrics; perhaps a reader will remember them and send them to the column.

Carter was born on Dec. 18, 1904, and passed away at the age of 91 in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Dec. 5, 1996.

According to Wikipedia, in 1923, after working as a lumberjack and singing with hobos in boxcars, Carter moved to Calgary, Alberta, where he found work as a cowboy. He made extra money singing and playing his guitar at dances and performing for tourist parties. He soon developed his own yodeling style, sometimes called an “echo yodel” or a “three-in-one.”

In 1988, Carter recorded his last album, “What Ever Happened to All Those Years.” In 1991, at age 86, he performed his last tour, “The Last Round-up Tour,” with shows throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Manitoba. He retired the following year, due to his loss of hearing.

Dear Sun Spots: I have magazines, catalogues and travel magazines that I would be happy to give to the reader who requested them. Call 783-2956. – Rachel, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: I need to get in contact with the person who was asking for magazines. I have a variety, which include Women’s Day, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, All You, Taste of Home, People and more. They may reach me at 312-8034. I am located on Washington Street in Auburn. – Judy, Auburn.

Dear Sun Spots: In reference to the April 6 column, the person looking for magazines, I have a lot of recent titles that were mentioned in the column. Come get them! Call 998-1066. – No Name, Poland.

Dear Sun Spots: In regards to your request on magazines, I have many excellent magazines to give away. I am too old to bring them to nursing homes and hospitals. I would love to have someone pick them up. Call first, 364-2083. – Lolo, Rumford.

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