PARIS – A Thursday, April 30, deadline has been set by the Paris Veterans Monument Committee to complete the list of names for the fifth and last stone in the Moore Park Monument. The committee hopes to have the last piece in place by Memorial Day.

The four stones placed in the park since last summer contain 1,056 names of Paris veterans who served in the armed forces since the Spanish American War in 1898. Each panel contains 132 names, or 264 on each of the gray-black polished granites.

So far, 44 names have been verified for the fifth stone. The committee has paid for the stone and the 264 names that would fill the panels at a cost of $30 each. If the stone is put in place in the park, adding a name will cost an additional $60.

“It doesn’t appear that we will have enough names to complete the last stone,” Committee Chairman Onni Raasumaa said recently. “This is a last call for anyone who has a relative who they think should have their name on the monument. We still have to go through the process of verification, but we’d like to get the names in place before the stone is set.”

Inquiries can be made through Committee Secretary Mrs. Albert Payne at 743-5677 or Treasurer Mrs. Richard Ramsay at 743-5723.

Landscaping around the monument is expected to take place this summer.