Elderly abuse is at epidemic proportions in this country. America, wake up! Our elders are subjected to verbal, physical, sexual and financial abuse every day. We all need to become better educated and put a stop to this travesty.
Something else has come to my attention that I think needs to be addressed in the legislature, or at DHHS, is that many of our citizens are opting to spend their last days at home, sometimes with AHH or hospice care. Depending on the circumstances, many of the terminal care patients are prescribed narcotics, such as Oxycontin, Oxycodone, morphine, etc. When the patient dies, the meds are left up to the family or caregiver to destroy. There are no checks on the disposal of these potent drugs and the destruction is left in good faith.
I firmly believe that there should be some kind of monitoring, law or rule to make sure that such drugs are not being used by an abuser or allowed into the general public for sale. The disposal needs to be monitored.
I would like to see legislation that addresses this problem, and would help in any way I can. Maybe we can enact a law to prevent a potential disaster from happening.
Mary Jane Newell, South Paris

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