100 years ago, 1909

The students in Parker Hall at Bates are considering the installation of an electric bell system in the hall. At an informal meeting of the executive committee held last evening, it was proposed that such a system be installed, placing a bell on each floor. It was also proposed that a proctor for the hall should be appointed who should have full charge of the bell system, telephones, etc. Such a system would be very advantageous to those receiving telephone calls, permitting the job of getting the student to the phone in a much more expeditious manner.

50 years ago, 1959

A complete remodeling of the Pepsi-Cola bottling plant on Minot Avenue, Auburn, is underway and Mrs. Cynthia A. Rydholm, president and treasurer of Seltzer & Rydholm Inc., and of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Auburn, said the project is designed to give the Auburn plant the most modern bottling setup in the State.

When completed, the plant will have a capacity of 144,000 bottles of bottled beverages in each eight-hour work day. The new fully automatic equipment is rated at 18,000 bottles an hour.

The remodeling project will cost approximately a quarter million dollars, according to Mrs. Rydholm.

25 years ago, 1984

If you live in Maine and own a new or expensive boat, chances are you’ll be paying lower taxes on it this year.

Because of a law the Legislature passed last year, pleasure and commercial boats are no longer taxed as personal property and are now taxed as excise. Instead of taxing a boat on its value, boats are now taxed according to their engine size and length.

Boats and canoes less than thirteen feet long are taxed $6. The longer the boat is the higher the tax. The highest level charged is $202 for a 45-foot boat.

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