As an American, a conservative Republican who voted for Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, and as one of the 20 percent of Republicans who voted for Barack Obama, I am proud of America and its new president.
During Obama’s recent European trip, this “young, energetic and inspiring U.S. president,” as one Czech woman called him, has conquered the hearts and minds of European statesmen, the British Queen and, most of all, the young people and students of the world.
Our brave military men and women at Camp Victory, Iraq, wildly cheered, embraced and hugged their commander-in-chief, and shouted “We love you, hoo-ah,” and “You are welcome.”
Obama thanked them for their victory in Iraq: “That is an extraordinary achievement and, for that, you have the thanks of the American people.”
America, with its ideals of liberty, human decency and freedom, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, is again appreciated, respected and loved in the world.
President Obama has proven himself to be the nation’s best ambassador to the world for American values since presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.
For that, the people of this nation owe him their gratitude.
Klaus D. Kuck, Lewiston

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