On April 21, there will be a referendum vote for the town of Lisbon. The school department is asking for a $500,000 open line of credit, with $20,000 of that earmarked for a new versus renovated analysis for the high school.
If passed, this will be the first step for real estate taxes in Lisbon going through the roof. If the decision is to build a new school, at aproximately $40 million, the tax impact on a residence valued at $100,000 would be aproximately $900 a year. The project would be funded 100 percent by Lisbon taxpayers.
That information can be found in the pamphlets handed out by the school department.
I know the school needs some repairs, but the town does not need a new school with a new gym and new ball fields.
This is not the time to ask homeowners, who are already struggling to make mortgage payments and pay existing taxes, to pay for a $40 million school, or possibly more. If townspeople allow the school to go forward, the Lisbon taxes will go up, and I doubt if they will come back down.
I hope all Lisbon taxpayers will get out and vote on April 21, and vote wisely. The result will affect the future of all residents.
Lisa Olmstead, Lisbon

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