This letter is in response to an ad in the Sun Journal (April 15) by the Jesus Party.
I strongly agree with their decision to “break the silence” that was being encouraged of high school students. Encouraging students to demonstrate in favor of any sexual preferance during the school day is not justified. Education does not need to be interrupted or distracted by such agendas.
Organizers of the Day of Silence should consider how they might feel in a similar situation. Had those who stand for marriage between a man and a woman organized their own demonstration to encourage traditional marriage values, I believe there would be problems. It would become an issue.
With an abundance of problems already surrounding acceptance and diversity, I do not see how forcing students to publicly choose a side is going to do anything other than fuel the fire.
Organizers should find another venue and another group of people to promote their agenda.
Kelly Welch, Bowdoin

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