On Saturday March 28, the Maine Christian School Sports League held its first annual sports award banquet for the local Christian schools in the Central Maine area. Some of the schools included are: Central Maine Christian Academy, Vineyard Christian, Oxford Hills Christian, Temple Academy, Ossipppee Valley Christian and many others. We had two main speakers at the event which was held at the Marriot Hotel in Portland. the speakers were Amanda Tewksbury a junior student athlete for the University of Maine Black Bears Women’s Basketball Team and Robert McClure who is the Maine State Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes or FCA.

After playing some music and watching a video of the past soccer and basketball seasons of the individual teams both Robert and Amanda spoke on what exactly FCA was. FCA is an organization of Christian athletes on high school and college campuses across the nation. They hold team Bible studies, team Chapel programs and prayer groups as well as programs to teach student athletes how to stay drug free during their sports careers.

Their overall point is to reach the entire student body with a positive message of God and of faith. They also bring former sports players such as former NFL players to some campus’ to help convey their message as well. Amanda spoke more about the struggles she faced as a Christian on a secular campus and how FCA made a difference in her life on campus by giving her the resources she needed to strengthen her faith and give her a new perspective on campus life.

After Amanda was finished her speech the coach’s each gave individual All-Star awards for both basketball and soccer. The players were chosen by the coach’s, each coach voted for a player from a team other than their own. Both I and a fellow student athlete of mine were chosen to be on both the soccer and basketball All-Star teams.

If you would like more information on FCA for your high school whether it be public or private you can contact Robert McClure at his office (207) 775-7161 or his cell (207) 749-7653 or you can e-mail him at [email protected] and their website is www.mainefca.org

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