What really keeps the heart beating? Is it love from friends and family or is it the sound of laughter? I guess no one will ever really know, but to find out you will need to look deeper into your own life.

When you look deeper into your heart what do you really see? Do you see the love from friends and family or the laughter of jokes?

I know when I look it’s the love that comes from friends and family. Because without that there is no way my heart will ever beat.

Life isn’t just all fun and games to keep you going. You must have love because if you don’t then, you won’t live for very long. You will feel lost and lonely. So always make sure you have love in your life before you go any further through your life.

Don’t listen to anyone if they say you don’t need love or laughter because they will be wrong. Some people don’t know what they are saying because they don’t have love or laughter in their life. They are all alone with no one to talk to or even have a shoulder to cry on when they need it.

So now you know that if you are thinking what gets the heart beating? Think of love or laughter.

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