There should be an after school activity that is fun and it is exercising. This activity is Martial arts. If martial arts is brought into the school, kids will learn discipline and the importance of staying out of -trouble. Being a brown belt myself, and having the AAU’s biggest tournament of the year coming up. I need to know the importance of staying out of trouble. Martial arts is an activity that kids would enjoy.

Kids would also know the importance of self-defense. Martial arts teaches how to stand up for yourself, without using your fist. When you have to fight, it teaches you to defend yourself, without killing your attacker. Martial arts is more than the Roundhouse kicks,Front punches and katas (connection of moves.) It is fun to he enjoyed by all.

Martial arts is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle. You can also learn to speak some Japanese. Most of the moves you do are in Japanese. To me, martial arts is a way of life. If it is brought in to school as an after school activity, kids will enjoy it. This is why martial arts should be brought into schools.

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