A lot of students graduating from college don’t graduate with a degree in science or math. However, there are students graduating for nursing. Technically, nursing is in the science field, but it’s not considered a science degree. In science today, when Mr. Warren asked us who will graduate with a science degree only three out of 17 students said they were going to graduate with a degree in science. I was one of those three students.

From what I have been hearing in news, a lot of students are not graduating with a science or math degree. That’s why adults and teachers are trying to have students like science and math, even though it is very hard to persuade students to like math! One reason why teachers and adults are convincing students to like math and science is because later on in life everything you do deals with science and or math.

That’s why when I graduate from college, I am going to graduate with a degree of science. Not because of teachers are wanting us students to graduate with a science or math degree, but I truly want to graduate with a science degree. Reason being because when I grow up I want to become a forensic scientist. Or CSI they call it today in society.

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