Have you ever felt a little drained during certain classes? Have you ever felt an overpowering need to simply shut down during school? Have you ever thought to yourself, “I just need to close my eyes for a second,” and then you suddenly jolt back to reality realizing that five minutes had just passed and someone was watching you? Now you’re thinking that maybe they just thought that you were blinking for an extraordinarily long amount of time. Now you realize oh crap they didn’t, and they point out your classic case of reverse insomnia to the entire class or perhaps even the entire school. Here are some tips to try to avoid complete and total destruction for at least a day or two.

One, try to doodle on some scrap pieces of paper and find something to entertain yourself for short periods of time. Not for the entire class of course. Two, pinch yourself a couple of times just to get your mind focused on something else but sleep. Three, there’s always the classic shake your head and rub your eyes technique. Four, now I know that many people will not be willing to try this but actually participate in class. This always works for me but I do loath doing it.

Hopefully this article will help or entertain you in some way.

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