Every person in the mental health system has a right to their own unique treatment plan, based on their life experiences. The goal needs to be to heal the wounded spirit and the broken heart of past experiences, so those experiences can be let go of in the present and not carried forward into the future.
People need to feel free of life’s hurts, pains, sorrows, injustices, anger and unhealthy choices; of distrust, fears, doubts, terror, and real or perceived danger that affect people’s spirits, their thoughts, feelings and emotional moods.
Medical doctors and counselors need to focus on what is a natural, normal response to every normal and abnormal situation. They need to distinguish between what will help or heal after trauma and what will not help.
Some situations require a trusted, knowledgeable person with whom to talk intimately as a source of wisdom, comfort and peace of mind.
Treatment plans need to include investigative questions to pinpoint the problem. Realizing the truth can set a person free of abusive tactics.
Pauline M. Bailey, Auburn

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