This is in response to Kerry Gould’s letter to the editor, printed April 17.
As I have stated before — it is not about being conservative or liberal, it is about taking the responsibility to find solutions that meet the needs of all Americans.
I understand that Gould is frustrated about the nation’s current economic situation. I believe every American is living with a fear about the future.
He feels that liberals are cutting down conservative talk show hosts. “Those commentators have millions of listeners. They can’t all be wrong. If they (liberals) don’t like what is being said, turn off the radio. Nobody is making them listen.”
I would suggest that he take his own advice; that will help his own frustration.
I close with the following thoughts:
As Americans, should we have changed the law so that President Bush could serve another four years and complete his polices and resolve the financial crisis?
Barack Obama is now the president; doesn’t he deserve the public’s support?
There are several things that give me hope for the future of the nation, and they were said by Obama — I will make mistakes; I need everyone to help, and compromise will be needed to reach the right solutions for our country.
It is about us.
Norman Smith, Poland

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