It was Earth Day, so we picked up about 1,000 feet of Route 124 fronting our place in Minot.

Unbelievable, the stuff people toss from their vehicles, from cigarette butts and ball point pens to fast food wrappers/cups and everything in between.

We filled three large garbage bags and the total weight came close to 200 pounds, plus two auto gas tanks and three tires.

What to do with this debris? I called the Maine information number, but the state had nothing listed for Earth Day.

Next, I called a local TV station. No help there.

I called my town office; still waiting to hear back from someone there.


I called Mid Maine Waste Action and was told we could bring it there, but must pay to dispose of the tires and the stuff in the garbage bags.

That raises the question, once again, of how this state seems to put so little emphasis on the environment and recycling.

As an afterthought, perhaps we should bring back the stocks that were used for punishment in years past. The litterbugs could be confined in the town square where all could see what they look like.

Richard Jensen, Minot

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