Looking back

100 years ago, 1909
Yesterday the room of the fourth grade at the Washburn School. Auburn, was closed for one week by order of the Board of Health. Two of the pupils in that room are ill with diphtheria. They are the Penley and Tufts children on Turner street and the room was closed as a precautionary measure. There is only one other case of diphtheria in the city at present. The house of R. B. Stackpole of 24 James street is under quarantine. The case may possibly be smallpox but it is thought more likely to be a severe case of chickenpox.

50 years ago, 1959
Motorists who have not had their cars inspected yet this month are treading on thin ice.
State law requires that all motor vehicles be inspected twice a year, during April and October.
The deadline for this month’s inspection is midnight Thursday, April 30. Anyone driving an uninspected car on the highways in the State after that date is subject to court action.

25 years ago, 1984
The Androscoggin County Bureau of Civil Emergency Preparedness will conduct a test of the outdoor warning sirens in Lewiston and Auburn at noon Saturday.
The signal will be a three-minute steady tone which depicts the “Attention” or “Alert” signal that would be used during major local peacetime emergencies. When hearing this signal during real crises, people should turn on local radio and television stations for information on what emergency has occurred and instructions they should follow.
The test is being held to insure that all outdoor warning sirens are in proper operating condition, that the general public recognizes warning signals and to cause the public to think about their personal preparedness posture as well as recognize that of their respective communities.

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