This is in response to Paul Lowell’s letter, printed April 26, and how he thinks he has it so rough working for a union company. He went to work for that company whose workers had already chosen to be represented by a union. That means he has no idea about the work it took to form a union in the first place.
If not for the unions, he wouldn’t be making top dollar, getting 401(k) matches, an employer-sponsored pension or lower insurance premiums.
Lowell should attend a couple of union meetings, to learn how other employees across the country are not receiving the good treatment that he does.
If Lowell thinks that unions are so bad, then why is he still a union employee? Could it be that he has a higher-paying job with better benefits than he did as a nonunion contractor? Maybe he likes the idea that the boss can’t just get rid of him as he ages? Could it be the right to equal pay and overtime, fair treatment, respect, or representation on discipline issues?
The work force was union before he came. He liked something about it because he had to apply to get a job and he is free to leave when he wants. If Lowell chooses to stay, then I believe that makes him a hypocrite.
Judilee Whittemore, Rumford
Financial secretary, USW Local 900

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