Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, therefore I’ve compiled my own list of cheers and jeers.
Cheers to everyone convening at Pettengill Park April 25, cleaning up trash, graffiti and doing other needed chores. It was a wonderful, collaborative effort, culminating National Volunteer Week.
Jeers to the Sun Journal. I liken the loss of the TV Preview to having Chinese food delivered, then having to go to the restaurant for a lo mein order. As an avid movie watcher, it is a crap-shoot to find what, where and when certain movies were on the premium channels. I came in on part two of the renowned “All That Jazz,” for example.
Cheers and jeers to the Sunday b-section. I read it, though much is culled from other publications, much is sophomoric, and Mark LaFlamme, with his ubiquitous and protracted writings, seems to be getting the better of any censorship issues.
Cheers to me for finishing this letter. I believe there are other readers who must share my sentiments.
Barbara Jean Kern, Auburn

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