It is astonishing to see how quickly public opinion has become accepting of homosexuality. Could it be that the gay movement is now making such dramatic gains because traditional marriage has lost its meaning?
It is no great shock that many divorced, cohabitating or single-parent individuals are no longer willing to fiercely defend the institution.
The hard truth is that the demand for same-sex marriage is a symptom of the crisis in marriage, much more than it is a cause of that crisis.
To oppose same-sex marriage effectively, one has to believe that marriage is more than a contract between two consenting adults. One has to believe that children need mothers and fathers — their own mothers and fathers. One has to believe that unmarried cohabitation is wrong, even when heterosexuals do it.
Lose those beliefs and the case for marriage has been lost.
Perhaps there is so little resistance to same-sex marriage because traditional marriage no longer stands as the foundational institution that it must be in every stable society. A plethora of evidence exists to show the destructive effect of marital breakdown.
God’s words are plainly displayed in the Bible in Romans 1:20-32 and 1 Corinthians 6: verse 9.
The Rev. Robert Roy, Auburn

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