I don’t like to shop where the checkout clerk acts like they are doing you a favor to sell you something. Especially if that person is the store owner. They just say ‘there ya go’ as they hand you the change, or just look at you and expect YOU to say ‘thank you’ to them! They don’t seem to know or care that the customer is their only source of their income in that store!

This is in responxe to Tammy of Auburn
Her gripe was doctors appointment was overbooked and she had to wait up to 20 minutes and then another 30 minutes in the room.
I have experienced the same thing multiple times. I solved the problem with three different doctors: I deducted my wages from the bill, explaining that my time was valuable also. They all reluctantly accepted my payment and when a future appointment was scheduled, I only waited 5 minutes and was treated fairly.
If you do not say anything or act upon the situation, they, doctor, or any type of appointment, will continue to do business as usual; if you act upon the situation, they will change the way they do business
— Gerry, Lisbon

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