This summer, I imagine that many of you readers will be traveling at some point, either with friends, family, or both. It may be just a short drive to a nearby campground or lake. However, it could be a longer excursion by boat or plane to a particular vacation somewhere in or out of the United States. Therefore, if you are traveling, I would like to introduce you to some tips that you can use on your travels to make yourself slightly healthier and more immune to sickness, especially if you happen to be flying. The following three tips were recommended by Parade magazine.

1. Sanitize your hands. We all know that airplanes are tight quarters and can be quite uncomfortable for long periods of time. In addition, because of the tight quarters in airplanes, we also know that germs can spread more quickly and easily. Therefore, in order to reduce your chances of getting sick, remember to wash your hands frequently and use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. You may also want to bring your own pillow and blanket for the flight, as the complimentary pillows and blankets are not always washed after every use.

2. Keep hydrated. Studies show that over half of those who fly in an airplane almost always catch a cold sometime within the following week of the flight. This is mainly as a result of the dry cabin air having little-to-no moisture, combined with the abundance of germs throughout the cabin. It is this dry cabin air that dries out the mucus membranes in the nose, thereby disabling your immunity shield that protects your upper respiratory system from infection. Therefore, the best way to prevent those mucus membranes from drying up is by drinking lots and lots of water. Do not drink coffee before a flight, as it tends to dehydrate the body.

3. Get up and walk around. Studies show that those who sit without moving for long periods of time, especially those with poor blood circulation, have a higher risk of developing deep vein thrombosis. This is especially common on long flights and can be fatal in some cases, especially when standing up after a very long period of sitting motionless. Therefore, the solution is to get up two or three times every hour to stretch and walk up and down the aisles. This will keep the blood circulating at a healthy rate and will reduce the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis.

Therefore, for those who will be disembarking sometime this summer, follow these three tips, recommended by Parade magazine, to increase your immunity and stay a little healthier during your travels. In accordance with these tips, I wish you safe and happy trails wherever your travels may take you. Bon voyage!

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